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We are experts in offering you a good service. This means that we focus on listening to you to know exactly what you need, what you want to find in the property or business you are looking for and work to give you the best possible offer. Our real estate agents care about finding the best quality properties to rent, buy and sell, so we are ready to give you a wide variety of options with the maximum efficiency in each of our professional real estate services.




003 house
Single Family
Private homes, small, a villa, a two-story house, housing in suburban neighborhoods, large or small spaces.
006 apartment
Apartments in various locations, with various environments, beautiful views of the city.
020 estate
Places to plant, lots, land, and spaces to build houses, commercial premises, or other properties.
commercial 1
Commercial premises in shopping centers, multifamily, offices, lots for sales.
Multi Family
Multi Family
Town houses, residential villas, neighborhood communities, student residences.
To rent, sell and buy any kind of properties, do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

We help our clients sell, buy or rent properties hassle free

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We are dedicated to offer you the most professional services to buy the house of your dreams. In this sense, we listen to your needs, tastes and preferences to get a property that exceeds your expectations in every way. We also offer you multiple options for you to choose the property you like the most and we provide you with the best offers in the market. Finding your dream home has never been easier.

The steps to get the house of your dreams are very simple:

01. You contact our real estate agents and tell us what you are looking for.

02. We find the best properties and give you the options available for you to choose the one you like the most.

03. We write the contract to make a formal offer and take care of the paperwork to buy the property.

04. Once contract get Signed the attorney will handle the transaction and prepare the document for the closing

05. Closing, get ready to get into your new house/property.

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Buyer Agent in Roswell, Buyer Agent in Atlanta, Buyer Agent in Alpharetta, Buyer Agent in Lawrenceville

At Smart Realty we offer you experienced Real Estate Buyer Agents in the current market.

Seller Agent in Atlanta

At Smart Realty, we have the best real estate agents ready to sell your home quickly and efficiently.

Commercial agent in Atlanta, Commercial agent in Sugar Hill

If you are looking for an experienced, and the best services in town.

Real Estate Broker in Atlanta

If you are in the look for a Real Estate Broker, you should see the skilled and experienced agents we have available for you.

Real Estate Firm, Real estate Firm in Atlanta

At Smart Realty we consolidate ourselves as a great Real Estate Firm with well-equipped experts to offer you high-quality professional services.

Investor Agent

At Smart Realty, we count with first-class Investor Agents. If you are in the look for one, get in touch with us today.



The answer to this question depends very much on the type of property you have and the type of sale you want to make. If you want to sell your house for cash in a quick deal, we take from 7 to 14 days depending on the legal conditions of your property. If you want to list the property with an agent, show your property, and get a better price after a negotiation we can take six to twelve weeks to close the deal depend on the market. Finally, if your property is in compromised legal conditions, or any other type of problems that require further processing, the closing attorney will solve it as soon as possible, but the duration of the deal will depend directly on how long takes them to resolve the legal situation.

There are many things that our CMA experts and our inspectors take into account when determining the value of your property, such as the size of the property, number of rooms, geographic location, neighborhood assessment, interior conditions, and others. That’s why we evaluate your property very well before creating a formal comparative market analysis.

The first step is to call us to inspect the property. For this you will need to determine if you want to sell it as-is, or if you prefer to fix the damages to sell it for a better price. Either way, we can advise you on how to get the most out of the property and sell it at the time you need to do so.

The first step is to call us and give us the details of your needs and requirement, including but not limited to house size, how many bed and bath, how much land, number of stores, location, school district etc; once we get the initial information from you, we will do an evaluation both in the open market and our private network of investors and homeowner.

Understanding your needs and requirement will facilitate the process and will help us find you the property of your dream faster

Yes, all real estate agents who work with us are licensed to do so. We only work with the best experts, who have excellent professional references and who can help you get exactly what you need when doing real estate transaction.



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smartt realty, for All the Right Reasons

Dedicate team working for you

Professional and well-trained agents

Access to network of private buyers and seller

Fast, efficient, and well documented transactions

Fast response time for each negotiation

Local company with understanding of the market

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Naphysat Temmydayour
Naphysat Temmydayour
This company is the best Roswell real estate agency I’ve ever witnessed. I highly recommend them because of their professionalism and expert behavior. Keep up the good work! I’m impressed.
Contact the Smart Realty agency today for your home purchase process in Metro Atlanta. They have the best professionals and networks, so you get to sell your home fast. My experience was incredible with this team. Best in town.
If you are in the need of selling your home in a good timely manner, Smart Realty is your people. I work with them to sell my parents home, and their process was fast, and very efficient. They are all very professional and so knowledgeable!
Dennis john
Dennis john
When we decided to go with Smart Realty agency for the buying process of our condo, we took the best decision. Their work is extremely professional and without a doubt – the best in town! Thank you.
Cletus Akam
Cletus Akam
The Smart Realty agency is the most professional, friendly, loyal, and hard-working people I know. These agents are experts on what they do and how they do it. If you are in the search of a new home, do not hesitate on contacting them. Thank you!
Madou Dao
Madou Dao
We would’ve been super lost without the help of Smart Realty. They were professional, quick answer, and always on top of everything. Highly recommended to whoever is looking to buy their next home.
Adamo Diarra
Adamo Diarra
The team at Smart Realty Agency made the whole buying process so much easier and pleasant for us. We decided to use them after seeing all the incredible reviews, and it was one of the most amazing decision we made so far! Thank you for all your help.
Jessey Stelling
Jessey Stelling
The best agency in metro Atlanta!! Smart Realty is the agency you want to work with! Incredibly knowledgeable and professional from start to finish. 100% Recommended!
Alima Sanogo
Alima Sanogo
We recently sold our home and work with Smart Realty to do it. They are the best! From the first day, they walked us through the process, answered all my questions and gave me all the feedback I needed. They made this entire journey easy with their help. While in the process, they help us to find a new updated and beautiful home within our budget. They are the best agency in town!
Ibrim Diallo
Ibrim Diallo
I decided to use the agency of Smart Realty because of their outstanding customer service. Words cannot describe how amazing and helpful they were during the search of our new home. Thank you to the Smart Realty team!

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